Save the Children – Still The Most Shocking Second A Day

Date: May 2016
Agency: Don’t Panic, London
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Tom Green
Creative Director: Richard Beer
Producer: Paz Parasmand
Executive Producer: Jon Chads

The refugee crisis isn’t just a story on the news, it’s happening here and it’s happening now.


NZ Transport Agency: Hello

Date: March 2016
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Production: Curious Film
Country: New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Brigid Alkema
Creative Director: Emily Beautrais
Copywriter / Art Director: Emily Beautrais
Copywriter / Art Director: Steve Hansen

Young passengers feel uncomfortable when their drivers use their phones. Hello makes that discomfort visible without a heavy, judgmental tone.

Reporters Without Borders: War Reporters

Date: January 2016
Agency: BETC Paris
Production: Stink
Country: France
Director: Owen Trevor
Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras
Creative Director: Jean-Michel Alirol
Creative Director: Dominique Marchand
Art Director: Jean-Michel Alirol
Copywriter: Dominique Marchand
Producer: David Brakha
Producer: Gregory Panteix

I like this. In a rather surprising way, it opens our eyes to the increasingly crucial and unsung role independent reporters play. And with every other nation arming up and ‘politely’ displaying their military might these days, more than ever, we truly need to support those men and women that expose what really goes down on this fragile, pale blue dot we call home.

KFC: Friendship Bucket Test

Date: November 2015
Agency: BBH London
Production: Moxie Pictures
Country: United Kingdom
Director: MJ Delaney
Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell
Creative team: Dan Dehlavi
Creative team: Drew Haselhurst
Producer: Claire Jones
Producer: Dana Rudelier
Executive Producer: Dawn Laren
DoP: Vanessa Whyte

The Friendship Bucket Test challenges friends to answer questions about one another, with chicken as the reward. An online test on lets friends play the game over social media, and people can play the game for real in selected stores around the country.

Lenor: Skirt

Date: August 2015
Agency: GREY
Country: Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Kirner
Executive Creative Director: Mark Hendy
Executive Creative Director: Neil Elliot
Creative Director: Phillip Benner
Copywriter: Saurabh Kejriwal
Copywriter: Mark Hendy
Copywriter: Neil Elliot
Copywriter: Phillip Benner

Here are some odes to our favourite clothing garments.

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence: Unforgotten

Date: April 2015
Agency: FCB Chicago
Production: Lord + Thomas
Country: United States of America
Group Creative Director: Chuck Rudnick
Art Director: Jordan Sparrow
Producer: Rachel Chapman
Executive Producer: John Bleeden
Group Account Director: Karyn Kerner
Graphic Designer: Todd Tillford

Working with victim families, they created lifelike statues of the victims in their actual clothing.  An emotional and powerful reminder of the senseless loss of life due to gun violence.

Call of Duty: Ember

Date: April 2015
Agency: 72andSunny, Los Angeles
Country: United States of America
Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole
Executive Creative Director: Frank Hahn
Creative Director: Rey Andrade
Copywriter: Jed Cohen
Creative Director/ writer: Josh Fell
Producer: Shannon Worley
Senior Copywriter: Kako Mendez
Executive Producer: Dan Ruth

Video game trailers often try to immerse you in the storyline of the game with real world footage only to have the emotional rug pulled out from them when they showcase the actual game footage. This Call of Duty teaser, resists that temptation and instead uses the power of our imaginations to keep us locked into the plot of the game.

Orange Babies: Borrowed Time

Date: March 2015
Agency: Quirk
Production: Fresh Eye Films
Country: South Africa
Director: Cindy Lee
Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Steph Van Niekerk
Copywriter: Steph Van Niekerk
Producer: Brian Critchfield
DoP: Jamie D Ramsay
Music: ‘Light’ by Sleeping at Last

A harrowing execution that takes you from optimism to despair in 90 seconds.