Rail Safety Week: The Conscious Crossing

Date: August 2016
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Production: Flare
Country: New Zealand
Uploaded 26 August, 2016
Executive Creative Director: Brigid Alkema
Creative Director: Emily Beautrais
Copywriter: JP Twaalfhoven
Art Director: Steve Hansen
Executive Producer: Christina Hazard
Account Director: Claudia Zwimpfer
Agency Producer: Carly Neemia
Agency Producer: Carne Godfrey
Account manager: Fern Holloway

Pedestrians often become complacent at railway level crossings, especially where expensive warning signals can’t be installed. I hope this idea saves a few lives.


Samsung: Be Their Eyes

Date: March 2016
Agency: Cheil
Country: Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Paul Chan
Creative Director: Lili Jiang
Creative Director: Fung Chan

It’s heartwarming – and I have no doubt it’s making Hong Kong a nicer place to be for everyone, full sighted or otherwise.

Subaru: Road Angels

Date: March 2016
Agency: Independiente
Production: Tiempo Real
Country: Panama
Director: Jaico Ferrari
Managing Director: Mauriett Quintero
Creative Director: Jonathan Lasso
Creative Director: Dennis de Icaza
Art Director: La Barbie
Digital creative: Alberto Lam

This campaign touches the heart and seems even more powerful that it’s done by hand by a bunch of young people at night. It has mystery and intrigue. I know if I saw it I would never forget it.


Suumo: Shell We Move

Date: April 2016
Agency: HAKUHODO Kettle Inc
Country: Japan
Executive Creative Director: Kentaro Kimura

Using hermit crab shells as outdoor media. As ludicrous as that sounds, it actually makes sense for the message and serves as a living demonstration.


Samsung Nordic: Samsung Fine Watching – event

Date: December 2015
Agency: DDB Stockholm
Production: Mandarin
Country: Sweden
Art Director: Daniel Mencak
Copywriter: Petter Dixelius
Account Director: Rebecca Jerndahl Tepavac
Agency Producer: Daniel Israeli
Designer: Steven McDonald
Designer: Sebastian Reinbring
Account manager: Ulrica Carlsson

Most people eat their dinner in front of the TV at some point – often while watching an episode of their favourite show. The menus are available at Samsung’s Nordic Facebook pages.


Itaipava: Don’t open a bottle and drive

Date: August 2015
Agency: Y&R Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Art Director: Renata El Dib
Copywriter: Leandro Lourenção
Producer: Thaís Gordon
Group Account Director: Luiz Villano
Account Director: Ana Luiza Leite

Bottle openers made from crashed car parts – a truly original idea for the well-trod territory of “don’t drink and drive”.


Nivea: Nivea Doll

Date: June 2015
Agency: FCB Brasil
Country: Brazil
Creative Director: Adriano Alarcon
Creative Director: Carlos Schleder
Art Director: Victor Bustani
Art Director: Ricardo Silveira
Art Director: Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues
Copywriter: Giampetro Zanon
Copywriter: Marcelo Jun Sato
Copywriter: André Bittar
Creative: Joanna Monteiro
Creative: Max Geraldo

A doll to give to children that gets just as sunburned as they do. Very nice use of a medium that kids love.


Biocoop: The Most Eco-Friendly Campaign Ever

Date: June 2014
Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris
Country: France
Chief Creative Officer: Fred
Chief Creative Officer: Farid
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Marchal
Executive Creative Director: Olivier Lefebvre
Copywriter: Noé Sato
Art Director: François Claux

A cool campaign idea that goes the extra mile to raise awareness about Biocoop’s uncompromising ethics and philosophy.


Thalys: Sounds of the City

Date: May 2015
Agency: Rosapark
Production: Birth
Country: France
Director: Vincent Rodella
Chief Creative Director: Jean François Sacco
Chief Creative Director: Jean Patrick Chiquiar
Chief Creative Director: Gilles Fichteberg
Creative Director: Mark Forgan
Creative Director: Jamie Standen
Copywriter: Lucile Briotet
Art Director: Olivier Lafaysse
Producer: Hugo Birth
Account Director: Delphine drutel
Sound Studio: Schmooze
Sound Design: Matthieu Sibony
Sound Design: Sylvain Rety
Account manager: Camille Hemet

Love the fact that they didn’t settle for dozens of sounds and recorded 1,000 different sounds for each city. It’s engaging, innovative and darn good fun.


Sport Club Internacional: Side by Side

Date: June 2015
Country: Brazil
Director: Nero Orlandi

This concept cleverly plays with human nature, disarming segmented fans by bringing them together. I’d like to see it done next time Birmingham City and Villa play each other… Just need Blues to get promoted (or the Villa to go down).