Adote Um Vira Lata: Follower Dogs

Date: May 2014
Agency: Dim&Canzian São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Michele Dim D’Ippolito
Creative Director: Michele Dim D’Ippolito
Director: Bruno Cirello
Creative Director: Samuel Segatelli
Art Director: Cristiano Franco
Copywriter: Márcio Bittencourt
Photographer: Marcos Alberti


Itaipava: Don’t open a bottle and drive

Date: August 2015
Agency: Y&R Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Art Director: Renata El Dib
Copywriter: Leandro Lourenção
Producer: Thaís Gordon
Group Account Director: Luiz Villano
Account Director: Ana Luiza Leite

Bottle openers made from crashed car parts – a truly original idea for the well-trod territory of “don’t drink and drive”.

Nivea: Nivea Doll

Date: June 2015
Agency: FCB Brasil
Country: Brazil
Creative Director: Adriano Alarcon
Creative Director: Carlos Schleder
Art Director: Victor Bustani
Art Director: Ricardo Silveira
Art Director: Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues
Copywriter: Giampetro Zanon
Copywriter: Marcelo Jun Sato
Copywriter: André Bittar
Creative: Joanna Monteiro
Creative: Max Geraldo

A doll to give to children that gets just as sunburned as they do. Very nice use of a medium that kids love.


Sport Club Internacional: Side by Side

Date: June 2015
Country: Brazil
Director: Nero Orlandi

This concept cleverly plays with human nature, disarming segmented fans by bringing them together. I’d like to see it done next time Birmingham City and Villa play each other… Just need Blues to get promoted (or the Villa to go down).



Save The Children: B&W Dress


Date: April 2015
Country: Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Manir Fadel
Executive Creative Director: Felipe Luchi
Copywriter: Gabriel Sotero
Art Director: Rodolfo Fernandes

A wonderfully arresting visual that makes a clear and dramatic point.


Quatro Patinhas NGO: Priceless Pets

Date: April 2015
Agency: NBS
Country: Brazil
Director: Cláudio Reston
Creative Chairman: André Lima
Executive Creative Director: Carlos André Eyer
Art Director: Augusto Correia
Copywriter: Bob Ferraz

Replacing the animals for sale in the pet shop with pets for adoption, what a great idea. After all its the emotional connection, not where a pet comes from that makes it worthy of being taken home.




Date: April 2015
Agency: Revolution Brasil
Country: Brazil
Photographer Producer: Natan Fox
Chief Creative Officer: Emerson Braga
Creative Director: André Amoedo
Copywriter: André Choairy
Producer: Lilian Soares
Production company: Studio Nuts
Junior Art Director: Jean Carlo
Planner: Juliana Montegro

Why do plastic surgery when you have this anti-age cream?


Easy Way: Word Map

Date: February 2015
Agency: Loducca, São Paulo
Country: Brazil

What a cool idea harnessing power of Google Translate and the collective knowledge of Wikipedia.



Conti Bier: Pin-Up Bikini

Date: Februry 2015
Agency: WMcCann, São Paulo, Brazil
Production: Volcano Hotmind
Country: Brazil
Director: Volcano
Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Murad
Creative Director: Duda Hernandez
Creative: Guilherme Valverde
Creative: Giovani Baggio
DoP: Beto Gomes

An eye-catching way to show when the beer reaches its optimal drinking temperature.


Festival Mix Brasil: Everyone is gay

Date: November 2014
Agency: Neogama BBH, São Paulo
Production: Hungry Man Brazil
Country: Brazil
Director: Amnesia
Director: João Caetano Feyer
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Creative Director: Márcio Ribas
Art Director: Daniel Chagas Martins
Copywriter: Fabio Mozeli
Art Director: Fabiano Pinel
Producer: Fernanda Costa
Producer: Marina Castilho
Planner: Eduardo Lorenzi
Agency Executive Producer: Mariah Bayeux
Sound Studio: Satélite Áudio
Account Director: Silvia Tommasini
Post production: Efecktor

A textbook example of how to take a truthful insight (everyone does things that some other people consider ‘gay’), turn it into a solid proposition (if everyone’s gay, Festival Mix Brasil is for everyone) and deliver it with simple, joyous confidence.