Chevrolet: Little Red Corvette


Date: April 2016
Agency: Commonwealth//McCann
Country: United States of America
Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Pascoe
Executive Creative Director: Bob Guisgand
Executive Creative Director: Duffy Patten
Creative Director/ writer: Tony Hossain
Executive Producer: Steve Lyons

If you’re going to write an ad marking the passing of Prince, you’d better make it a good ad. I mean, a really good ad. That’s exactly what the folks at Chevrolet have done. The headline plays back the lyrics of the great man, the addition of his life dates makes the whole thing more poignant and the art direction does its job beautifully, whilst managing to remain restrained. The ad reminds us in seconds of two things – how sad it is that this genius is gone and how great advertising is when it’s done right.


Subaru: Road Angels

Date: March 2016
Agency: Independiente
Production: Tiempo Real
Country: Panama
Director: Jaico Ferrari
Managing Director: Mauriett Quintero
Creative Director: Jonathan Lasso
Creative Director: Dennis de Icaza
Art Director: La Barbie
Digital creative: Alberto Lam

This campaign touches the heart and seems even more powerful that it’s done by hand by a bunch of young people at night. It has mystery and intrigue. I know if I saw it I would never forget it.


smart fortwo: The Most Open Test Drive

Date: March 2016
Agency: BBDO Berlin
Country: Germany

It’s fun. It’s cheeky. It’s a totally charming piece of social engagement designed to push our buttons. It sells the car and makes you smile at the same time. Bang on brand.





Hyundai: The SUV Lifestyle Quiz

Date: September 2015
Agency: Innocean
Country: United States of America

A cool idea to drive people to a car configurator.


Lexus: The World’s First Car With a Heartbeat

Date: July 2015
Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Country: Australia

Really nice idea to show how thrilling it is to drive a Lexus RC F. Three professional drivers were connected to the powerful 5.0L V8 RC F through unique biometric paintwork that displayed their heart beat.


Land Rover: Land Rover Instagram Adventures

Date: August 2015
Agency: Y&R New York
Production: Film Orange
Country: United States of America
Director: Runar Ingi
Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger
Executive Creative Director: Marc Sobier
Executive Creative Director: Greg Farley
Creative Director: Carlos Savage
Creative Director: Roy Torres
Executive Producer: Mathieu Shrontz
DoP: Dimitri Karakatsanis

In each story, gorgeous landscape photos are seamlessly stitched together to form day-into-night panoseries (similar to panorama but with multiple photos represented) scenes. Users can tap various tiles within each panoseries to view videos that progress the story, showcase technical off-roading knowledge (like how to properly ford a river) and learn unique survival tips, such as how to turn a leaf into a compass, or how to treat a wound in the wild.


Volkswagen: Unleash Your Rrrr

Date: July 2015
Agency: Deutsch LA
Country: United States of America
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Jerome Austria
Creative Director: Daniel Barak
Art Director: Alice Blastorah
Copywriter: Shiran Teitelbaum
Copywriter: Eddie Babaian
Art Director: Neph Trejo
Senior Art Director: Karan dang

The deep learning technology classifies each user’s vocal pitch and chooses a matching clip from a pool of hundreds of Volkswagen car videos. To make this project even more shareable, there is a picture-in-picture feature allows fans to see their friends in high performance mode.




ACR: Street View Test

Date: May 2015
Agency: Publicis Romania
Country: Romania

Probably the best Google Street View based campaign I’ve seen.


Volkswagen: Don’t Fence Me In

Date: April 2015
Agency: DDB Sydney
Production: Robber’s Dog
Country: Australia
Director: Adam Stevens
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Cam Hoelter
Producer: Helen Hendry
Head of Broadcast: Brenden Johnson
Producer Agency Producer: Caroline David

Ah, Volkswagen’s intelligent humour.