Rail Safety Week: The Conscious Crossing

Date: August 2016
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Production: Flare
Country: New Zealand
Uploaded 26 August, 2016
Executive Creative Director: Brigid Alkema
Creative Director: Emily Beautrais
Copywriter: JP Twaalfhoven
Art Director: Steve Hansen
Executive Producer: Christina Hazard
Account Director: Claudia Zwimpfer
Agency Producer: Carly Neemia
Agency Producer: Carne Godfrey
Account manager: Fern Holloway

Pedestrians often become complacent at railway level crossings, especially where expensive warning signals can’t be installed. I hope this idea saves a few lives.


Maltesers: Theo’s Dog

Date: September 2016
Agency: AMV BBDO, London
Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Clay Weiner
Creative Director: Tim Riley
Art Director / Copywriter: Dave Buchanan
Agency Producer: Lizzie Mabbott
Agency Producer: Frankie Burwell-Wright

You’re far more interested in her story here than her disability, and that reminds us that we’re all just people. People who like to shoot it with their friends and nosh on a bag of Maltesers from time to time.

Meat & Livestock Australia: You Never Lamb Alone

Date: September 2016
Agency: The Monkeys
Production: Plaza Films
Country: Australia
Director: Paul Middleditch
Executive Creative Director: Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Grant Rutherford
Copywriter: Tim Pashen
Producer: Abby Hunt
Producer: Caroline David
Producer: Jess Bonney
Senior Art Director: Barbara Humphries
Executive Producer: Peter Masterton
DoP: Daniel Ardilley

A cast of Aussies from all walks of life, come together over a lamb barbecue.