Quatro Patinhas NGO: Priceless Pets

Date: April 2015
Agency: NBS
Country: Brazil
Director: Cláudio Reston
Creative Chairman: André Lima
Executive Creative Director: Carlos André Eyer
Art Director: Augusto Correia
Copywriter: Bob Ferraz

Replacing the animals for sale in the pet shop with pets for adoption, what a great idea. After all its the emotional connection, not where a pet comes from that makes it worthy of being taken home.


IKEA: Unbox#1


Date: April 2015
Agency: TBWA Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Executive Creative Director: Leandro Alvarez
Copywriter: Joao Ribeiro
Art Director: Julliano Bertoldi
Client Team Director: Claudia Domingues
Account Director: Marina Zambujo
Photographer: Yves Callewaert
Retoucher: Whitelab

Incredibly simple. And it makes a precise point exactly about what IKEA offers and has always offered – A house less boring or in this case, a balcony less boring.

Coke Zero: Billboard


Date: April 2015
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York
Country: United States of America
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt
Chief Creative Officer: Corinna Falusi
Creative Director: Milton Correa
Creative Director: Jones Krahl
Creative: Andreas Hoff
Creative: Abe Baginsky
Creative: João Paz
Executive Producer: Ami Moore

The first-ever drinkable billboard… Coke Zero flows through a 4,500 foot straw spelling out “Taste It”, then the liquid travels from the bottom of the billboard to a sampling area with six fountain spouts.