Intermarche: Inglorious Fruits And Vegetables

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Date: June 2014
Agency: Marcel, Paris
Production: PRODIGIOUS
Country: France
Director: Cédric Dubourg
Director: Yacine Saadi
Chief Creative Officer: Anne de Maupeou
Executive Creative Director: Dimitri Guerassimov
Art Director / Copywriter: Youri Guerassimov
Art Director / Copywriter: Gaëtan du Peloux
Art Director: Anaïs Boileau
Art Director: Sebastian Piacentini
Copywriter: Sergio Alonso
Creative Director/ writer: Julien Benmoussa
Producer: Justine Beaussart

A great idea with some great copywriting.


Mini: Forced to drive

Agency: Publicis
Country: Mexico
Worldwide Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
CEO Chief Creative Officer: Hector Fernandez
Creative Directors: Jessica Apellaniz, Luís “Madruga” Enríquez
Copywriter: Alan Alexis Ramírez Mendoza
Art Director: Tonatiuh Torres Cornejo
CEO Account Services Director: Juan Carlos Tapia
Account Directors: Mark Nakamichi, Ma. Fernanda Aguilar
Account Supervisors: Alfredo Necoechea, Martha Herrera
Agency Producer: Liz Torres
Producer: Gerardo Salas
Directors: Martín Bautista, Andrés Cerda

Domino’s Pizza: Steady Pizza

Date: June 2014
Agency: Artplan, São Paulo
Production: Tycoon
Country: Brazil
Director: Kiko Lomba
Director: Bruno Miguel
Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena
Creative Director: Alessandra Sadock
Creative Director: Gustavo Tirre
Art Director: Augusto Correia
Copywriter: Henrique Louzada
Copywriter: Pedro Rosas
Producer: Ana Paula Aguiar
Producer: Davi Vidal
Producer: Samara França
Agency Producer: Ana Ourique
Agency Producer: Daniel Fagundes
Agency Producer: Marcela Monteiro

Domino’s admit their pizzas don’t always look their best when delivered. This is the answer.

Volkswagen Cinema Idents: “Made for real life, not the movies- Bus”

Date: June 2014
Agency: adam&eveDDB
Production: MOB Films
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Paul W S Anderson
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Creative: Nikki Lindman
Creative: Toby Brewer
Producer: John Brocklehurst
Agency Producer: Pamie Wikstrom

Volkswagen cars may be great for the needs of everyday life…. But they’re no good in action movies.

Radiant: Radiant Returns

Date: June 2014
Agency: DDB Melbourne
Country: Australia
Director: Stephen Carroll
Executive Creative Director: Darren Spiller
Art Director: Dan Grech
Art Director: Chris Andrews
Copywriter: Eamonn Dixon
Creative Director/ writer: Simon Bagnasco
Producer: Carol Sinclair
Producer: Tobias Webster
Producer: Ella Huang
Executive Producer: Rebecca Bayly

Buy it. Wear it. Wash it. Return it.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals): Elephant


Date: June 2014
Agency: Lowe Singapore
Country: Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Dominic Stallard
Executive Creative Director: Dominic Stallard
Copywriter: Mihir Dhairyawan
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Creative Director/ Art Director: Andrew Ho
Creative Director/ Art Director: Sheng Jin Ang

Poaching is driven by demand. The day you stop buying, they stop killing.

Schick: Ferret, Weasel

schick-free-your-skin Clever-Beard-Ads-1

Date: June 2014
Agency: Y&R New Zealand
Production: IDC/Electric Art
Country: New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Josh Moore
Copywriter: Cameron Dowsett
Art Director: Mark Tallis
Art Director: Tom Paine
Producer: Michele Richards
Associate CD / Art Director: Tom Paine
Agency Executive Producer: Christina Hazard
Agency Producer: Marique Knight
Photographer: Troy Goodall
Retoucher: Electric Art
Designer: Lex Fleming
Senior Account Manager: Mike Keen

Time to free your skin.