Internet safety for children.: Emoticon CRY, KISS, WINK

innocence-en-danger-cry-600-64136 innocence-en-danger-kiss-600-91606 innocence-en-danger-wink-1024-21600

Date: January 2014
Agency: Rosapark
Country: France
Creative Director/ art director: Mark Forgan
Creative Director/ writer: Jamie Standen
Production company: Mécanique Générale
Chief Executive Officer: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Chief Executive Officer: Gilles Fichteberg
Chief Executive Officer: Jean-François Sacco
Typographer: Paul-Henri Masson
Illustrator: Baptiste Massé
Production Manager: Emilie Rouault
Print Producer: Chloe Bartoletti

Sexual predators often pose as children online to groom their victims before arranging a meeting in real life. This campaign from aims to raise awareness of this among parents by showing who might really be behind the emoticons in children’s chat boxes.


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