Skype: The Born Friends

Date: November 2013
Agency: Pereira O’Dell, San Francisco
Production: Station Film
Country: United States of America
Director: Peking (Gregory Mitnick and Nat Livingston Johnson)
Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Robinson
Creative Director: Jonathan Woytek
Producer: Kelly Gibbs
Producer: Sarah McMurray
Senior Art Director: Tim Delger
Senior Copywriter: Katie Brinkworth
Executive Producer: Gina Locurio
Executive Producer: Lauren Mask
Executive Producer: Caroline Gibney
Strategist: Jasmine Summerset
Strategist: Liz Wood
Agency Executive Producer: Jeff Ferro
Sound Studio: One Union
Senior Agency Producer: Victoria Whitlow
Sound: Matt Zipkin
Senior Agency Producer: Elisa Moore
Senior Agency Producer: Erin Davis
Client Team Director: Gary Theut
Account Director: Ivy Truong
Strategist: Nick Chapman
Strategist: Joshua Brandau
Strategist: Justin Cox
Editing Company: Umlaut Films
Editor: Jessica Congdon
Editor: Peter Geiger
Editor: Michael Pavoni
Photographer: John Clang
Music: Future Perfect
Print Producer: James Sablan
Account manager: Ali Forgeron
Account manager: Michael Reardon

These short films come from an online call for stories asking people to share how they stay together with Skype.


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