Inspiring Journeys: The Kakadu Cab

Date: January 2013
Agency: Arnold Furnace
Director: Rob Stanton-Cook
Executive Creative Director: Tom Spicer
Creative Director: Tom Spicer
Creative Director: Paul Fenton
Art Director: Natalie Cutcliffe
Copywriter: Cameron brown
Copywriter: Sarah Marshall
Art Director: Luke Duggan
Producer: Ainslee Wood
Production company: Infinity Squared
Group Account Director: Michael Stevenson
Client Team Director: Jeff Lim (Head of Marketing)
Agency Producer: Melissa Petryszyn
Agency Producer: Chris Hulsman
Designer: Houdini Feats
Designer: Alex Ayik
Account manager: Sam Johnston

An unmarked Sydney taxi offered anyone who got in two choices: either be driven to their destination just like a normal cab, or get whisked off on a three day adventure around Kakadu in the  Northern Territory. The only catch was they had to leave immediately.


Land Rover Defender: Map


Date: January 2013
Agency: RKCR/Y&R London
Country: United Kingdom
Creative Director: Brian Fraser
Art Director: Tim Brookes
Art Director: Lee Aldridge
Copywriter: Phil Forster
Planner: David Murray

The world’s landmass is drawn using the silhouette of a Land Rover Defender.

‘70% of the World is covered by water the rest is covered by Defender’.

Schneider Beer: Forgiveness

Date: January 2013
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Argentina
Country: Argentina
Director: luciano podcaminsky
Executive Creative Director: Javier Mentasti and Maximiliano Maddalena
Creative Director: Juan Pablo Carrizo and Patricio Elfi
Copywriters: Tomás Duhalde and Guido Freiberg
Art Directors: Tomás Duhalde and Juan Ignacio Peirano
Head of Art: Diego Grandi
Account Director: Rodrigo Luque
Planner: Rodrigo García
Agency Producer: Valeria Pinto (Parson) and Alejandro Travaglini
Account team: Marina Figoli and Celina Correa Luna

Just like Schneider beer, men also need maturation time to reach their prime.

Ikea: Sleep Walkers

Date: January 2013
Agency: Akestam Holst
Country: Sweden
Director: Jesper Ericstam
Creative Director: Andrea Ullenius
Art Director: Petra Albrektsson
Copywriter: Maja Folgero
Producer: Magnus Theorin
Agency Producer: Agneta Oppenheim

A young family trying to get a good night’s sleep show us all the great things we can buy at Ikea.